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Widgets: Recent Clients

The ShogunPro, tArt, tBachFlowers, tBiz, tBlogging, tClub, tCommerce, tCorpo, tDesign, tEstate, tFashion, tFengShui, tGeek, tGreen, tHomeopathy, tHomeservices, tInspiration, tInteriorDesign, tLibrary, tMagazine, tMedicine, tMeditate, tMovies, tMuzz, tNews, tPhotography, tPortfolio, tPsychology, tRealEstate, tSeminar, tSpirituality, tStore, tTourism, tTravel, tVegan Premium Themes comes with built-in custom post type for Clients. You can add Clients from your Admin Panel (Admin Panel -> Left Menu -> Clients -> Add New). Once you have entered clients data, you can display it on your site using the ‘Recent Clients’ widget:

1. Login to your Admin Panel

2. Navigate to Left Menu -> Appearance -> Widgets

3. Insert ‘Recent Clients’ widgets into some of the available widget areas such as ‘Homepage Above Columns’ or ‘Homepage Below Columns’.

4. Enter Title and Number of clients to show:

Recent Clients Widget Admin

5. Save changes and open your site to see the result:

Recent Clients Widget