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Lorem Ipsum Generator

Lorem Ipsum Generator


This tool is a versatile Lorem Ipsum text generator designed with web developers in mind. It provides the capability to generate customized “Lorem Ipsum” dummy text right in the browser, with a variety of options to suit your specific requirements. This includes specifying the number of paragraphs to generate, the option to randomize paragraph order, and to format the output in HTML.

One of the unique features of this tool is its ability to generate a title from the first paragraph, handy when you’re looking for a placeholder heading. Additionally, a convenient copy button is provided to copy the generated text to your clipboard for easy pasting into your projects.


1. Start by entering the number of Lorem Ipsum paragraphs you need in the “Number of Paragraphs” input field.
2. If you’d like the paragraphs in a randomized order, check the “Generate Random Text” checkbox.
3. To receive your Lorem Ipsum text wrapped in
tags, check the “Generate in HTML format” checkbox.
4. Once you’ve chosen your preferences, click the “Generate” button. The generator will fetch the Lorem Ipsum text from a given URL, format it according to your requirements, and display it in the “Text” textarea.
5. A title will also be automatically generated from the first few words of the first paragraph and displayed in the “Title” input field. This title is stripped of any punctuation and HTML tags to ensure it can be used in any context.
6. If you want to quickly copy the generated text and title to your clipboard, simply click the “Copy” buttons. You can then paste this text into your project or wherever else you need it.

Enjoy generating your Lorem Ipsum text with this simple yet powerful tool!