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Projects Block

projects block

Our themes support the WordPress out-of-the-box blocks and include theme built-in Gutenberg blocks. In this article, we will look at the Skills block.

First, you need to have a premium theme by us. If you use a free theme, it does not include the block. No other configuration or change is required, the block is built-in our premium themes.

Currently, the Projects block in included into the following themes: ChessPro, ShogunPro, tАrt, tBachFlowers, tBiz, tBlogging, tBozz, tClub, tCommerce, tCorpo, tCreat, tDental, tDesign, tEstate, tFashion, tFengShui, tFinance, tGeek, tGreen, tHomeopathy, tHomeServices, tInspiration, tInteriorDesign, tLanguageSchool, tLibrary, tMagazine, tMedicine, tMeditate, tMovies, tMuzz, tNews, tPhotography, tPortfolio, tPsychology, tRealEstate, tSeminar, tShop, tSpirituality, tStore, tTechnology, tTourism, tTravel. tVegan, tWriter.

Also, you should have already created some Projects (Admin Panel -> Left Menu -> Projects -> Add New.

The next step is to open for edit or create a new page or block with the WordPress editor.

Click on the ‘+’ icon, and insert the ‘Projects’ blocks:

And that’s all. Then you can save changes to your page or post to publish the changes for the newly create projects block.

Please note: you can change the Number of displayed projects from the corresponding settings: