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Why WooCommerce Cart Page redirects to Home page?

Why WooCommerce Cart Page redirects to Home page?

You run an online store using WordPress and WooCommerce plugin, you may face the following issue: after add a product the cart page and click on ‘View Cart’ button it opens the Home page instead of the Cart page. Here is a how to resolve it:

After installing and configuring the WooCommerce plugin, the plugin install pages for ‘Cart’, ‘Checkout’, and ‘Account’. As a first step, you can make sure the following pages persist in your Admin Panel.

Login to your Admin Panel, and navigate to Left Menu -> Pages -> check there are ‘Cart’, ‘Checkout’ and ‘My Account’ pages with WooCommerce shortcodes, i.e.

WooCommerce Cart Page

Then we need to configure the above pages to be loaded by WooCommerce:

Admin Panel -> Left Menu -> WooCommerce -> Settings -> Open ‘Advanced’ tab and select pages for ‘Cart page’, ‘Checkout page’, and ‘My account page’ and save changes:

WooCommerce Advanced Settings

As a last step, if the above still does not work, it would require: Admin Panel -> Left Menu -> Settings -> Permalinks -> and simply click on ‘Save Changes’ button.

4 Responses to “Why WooCommerce Cart Page redirects to Home page?”

  1. It’s also possible that the Woocommerce plugin installation has for some reason skipped creating the ‘Cart’, ‘Checkout’, and ‘Account’ pages. There is a handy tool under Woocommerce -> Status -> Tools -> Create default WooCommerce pages, prior to that it’s a good idea to delete all your attempts to create these pages yourself. And clear any cache you can on that Tools page. Only after this my broken Woocommerce install started to behave again.

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