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When You Should Shut Down Your Website?

When You Should Shut Down Your Website?

Today, after 7 years being online I decided to shut down my first website: website.

You probably don’t give a sh*t about this website. Me too. But the point in my post is when you should stop wasting your time on some website/online project. Here are my thoughts about the issue:


No Free Time for Working on It

If you don’t have enough free time to spend working on your website, do NOT expect it to be visited by someone else.

For example, if the last time you post a post was before a year, you can be sure your site will looks like dead project.


Actually You Don’t Care About Its Idea

Let me explain it with an example: I created (website about and .net) when I was working as an freelancer. After that I worked as .net developer. So, during that time I was able easily to find out ideas for new posts, etc.

Today, I’m working mostly with php and javascript. I stopped working as .net developer and I don’t care much about. I don’t care even if .net is dying or not. That is just not related to my business.


It Doesn’t Earn Money

After I stopped spending time for my website, ALL of the people who bought ads on the website stopped paying for their ads. It’s absolutely expected, no one would spend money advertising on dead website.

But even when I worked on my website, it didn’t earn much money or the money I expected. So, if your project doesn’t meet the financial expectation it could stop your motivation.


You Have a New Passion

My new passion is the current website. I want to make it No. 1 website for WordPress Themes. So, I want to spend all my available time for it. And that’s a good reason for me to shut down all of the other websites I have.

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