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What is WebP Image Format and How to Integrate it in WordPress

What is WebP Image Format and How to Integrate it in WordPress

WebP is an open-source image file format developed by Google. It has better compression rate than other image formats (PNGs, and JPEGs).

Here is some base info about the WebP image format and how to integrate it for WordPress:

WebP Benefits

The WebP image format has better lossless compression (original bits of the image which will remain after the actual uncompression) than other image formats.

As a result, comparing to JPEG and PNG image file formats, the same images in WebP format will have between 25% and 34% smaller size than the older image format.

Should I use WebP Image format?

As a result, the images in WebP format have smaller size than images in other formats but same quality.

In this way, smaller images will be loaded faster which will improve the performance of your website. Smaller images sizes are loaded faster.

If your check your website with Google PageSpeed Insights Tool for an website with older image format, it will display a recommendation to convert your images in next-gen WebP image file format:

Google PageSpeed Insights WebP

WebP Browser Support

In general, it is supported by most of the browsers. Here is a list of minimum supported versions:

  • IE11 – NO
  • Edge – 84
  • Firefox – 65
  • Chrome – 32
  • Safari 14
  • Opera – 69

WebP for WordPress and WooCommerce Images

There are WordPress plugins which would allow you to easily convert your Media Library images into the WebP image format.

I’d recommend WebP Express WordPress plugin.

When a new image is uploaded to Media Library, it will be automatically converted to WebP format using Imagick or GD PHP extensions.

It also support browser check of WebP format, in case it’s supported the image will be sent in WebP format.

You can also convert the pre-existing WordPress and WooCommerce Product images in WebP format:

bulk convert images to webp format

In a conclusion, I’d say that WebP seems to be the future of image format used in websites. It will displace the other image format competitors such as JPEG and PNG. It can be easily integrated into WordPress which will make any website to be loaded faster.

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