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Web Design Trends for 2020

Beautiful and modern design is the most important component of any WordPress theme. No matter, how many customizer options it has or any other additional functionality, people will choose some theme only if they like its design.

We as a WP theme developers should follow web design trends for our themes if we want people to remain using them.

In this article, we will try to include all of the web design trends predictions for 2020. Most of them will be implemented into some of our themes:

1. Content Ripped in Half

ripped in half content

It is a nice way to split content of a page and display it into two different areas.

2. Background Video

video background

Displaying a video as a background into Homepage allows you to represent the team behind the company or individual person behind a portfolio website.

3. Minimalism

It always worth to have a minimalist design of your website (remove unnecessary elements and components). This trend is not new but it will continue in 2020 too.

4. Animated Logos and Icons

Using of HTML5 SVGs allow to define elegant vector animations which will look great under different screen resolutions.

5. Asymmetric Layout

Asymmetric Layout

You can easily make a certain part of your website more visible and attention grabbing by styling it with oversized text and elements.

6. Chat Bots

Chat bots allow website owners to provide 24/7 support for their visitors. We will see chat bots in many more website in the next years.

7. Parallax Effects


Parallax images contain different 2D images which moves in different speeds which creates an illusion of depth.

Here is an example of a parallax image with moving clouds as a background:

8. Accessibility for visitors with disabilities

This is a trend which became popular in 2019 and will continue in next years too.

The website accessibility include keyboard navigation, controls must be available during tab, visible focus of elements, display of browsers native outline of links, focus order must follow the visual elements order, etc.

9. Overlapping layers

overlapping layers

Another elegant way to arrange your website content into a contemporary look is by position different section with small overlaps between then.

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