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Theme Installation failed – Destination Folder Already Exists

Sometime when you try to install a new WordPress Theme you may receive the following error:

Destination Folder Already Exists

It means there is already a folder at ‘/wp-content/themes/’ with same name as your theme name.
For example, if you try to install tgymm.zip theme, there is already folder /wp-content/themes/tgymm.

There are 2 options for resolving the above issue:

Option 1. Access your site via FTP (you need to create an ftp account and access your site folder via it). Then deleteĀ  /wp-content/themes/yourthemefolder, then try to install it.

Option 2. In case you don’t have FTP account and access to your site, you can:

  1. Extract your theme zip file
  2. Rename theme folder, i.e. ‘tgymm’ to ‘tgymm1’
  3. Zip the new folder, i.e. tgymm1.zip
  4. Try to install tgymm1.zip

It will install your theme to /wp-content/themes/tgymm1 folder


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