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Theme Installation failed – Destination Folder Already Exists

Sometime when you try to install a new WordPress Theme you may receive the following error:

Destination Folder Already Exists

It means there is already a folder at ‘/wp-content/themes/’ with same name as your theme name.
For example, if you try to install theme, there is already folder /wp-content/themes/tgymm.

There are 2 options for resolving the above issue:

Option 1. Access your site via FTP (you need to create an ftp account and access your site folder via it). Then deleteĀ  /wp-content/themes/yourthemefolder, then try to install it.

Option 2. In case you don’t have FTP account and access to your site, you can:

  1. Extract your theme zip file
  2. Rename theme folder, i.e. ‘tgymm’ to ‘tgymm1’
  3. Zip the new folder, i.e.
  4. Try to install

It will install your theme to /wp-content/themes/tgymm1 folder


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