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The Secret of Creating a Successful Website

The Secret of Creating a Successful Website

We have started working on project at September 2013, it was more than 4 years ago.

Meanwhile we see different clients who use our WordPress themes for their personal or company projects.

Unfortunately, many of the clients websites fail a few months after the initial release which is very sad.

So, we’ve decided simply to publish posts based on our experience which would help you to succeed with your website.

Now we’ll start with the most important advice which help us to survive through the years so far:

It Takes Time … Much Time … Year per Year


You can create a website Fast, but you cannot make it successful fast.

Let’s look at example which is close to our business: create and sell online/digital products.

First, you need to create a competitive product. It takes much efforts and it’s separately from creating a website. It could take a year to build such product.

After you have an awesome product you need a website where to sell it.

Of course, you can use a marketplace which will market your product, but they will charge you for any sell you make (usually up to 50%).

So, if you’re serious about your business the hard road is to create a website where to sell your product.

Once you have a website (WordPress + WooCommerce plugin + a Good WordPress Theme could be all you need from a technical perspective), you are ready to sell.

It could take up to 1 year until you find your first customer.

So far, you need to spend 2 years until initial start to your first sell (1 year for product development + 1 year until first sell).

Usually, you need many more sells (sky is the limit). So, after the first sell, you will have to spend efforts to find new customer.

There are different ways to market your website: social websites, writing blog posts, paid ads, etc. But no matter of the option you choose, it will take more time until you increase your sells.

The common case when people build website/startup is:

  1. Everyone is enthusiastic at the beginning
  2. First 1-3 months everyone works hard
  3. No results can be seen/No sells
  4. 1-2 months after that people leave the initially started project

The key is simply to keep doing it, year per year.


You just need a Good Idea and Work Hard on It, Step by Step, Day per Day

Just follow your initial idea. You can change the theme of your website, but don’t change the initial target, i.e. if you have a blog about book reviews, keep wriring such reviews. You can freshen up the design, integrate different social sites, etc … but don’t change your main target.

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