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Please, REMOVE Newsletter Signup Popup Dialog from Your Website

Please, REMOVE Newsletter Signup Popup Dialog from Your Website

Unfortunately, the below scenario occurs with almost every online store:

  1. You open an online store to buy clothes, shoes, digital stores, etc.
  2. 1-2 seconds after page is being loaded, everything’s freeze, you cannot click or do anything else on site until a Newsletter popup dialog appears.
  3. After the initial ‘WTF’, your thoughts are ‘another useless dialog to collect my email’ and you simply click the ‘Close’ button.

I think such dialogs are so distracting that they can even affect negatively website sells.

So, my suggestion is:

  1. REMOVE such dialogs from your website (if any)
  2. Focus on Social networks such as Facebook likes, Instagram or Twitter followers. There different social sites widgets that you can embed into your site.

Please don’t add them as dialogs, you can insert them into header or footer. If people want to follow you, they will like your page without asking them with a dialog popup.

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Tihomir Ivanov is a WordPress and Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) developer, founder of, a fan of Linux and Open Source, Minimalism (in Design and Life), Sci-fi, Fantasy, Classic and History books :)

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