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Android 11: How to Fix Hotspot Connected But No Internet

I use Google Pixel 4 Phone and I use its Hotspot to access internet from my laptop.

Today I upgraded my phone to Android 11 and an odd issue occurred: my laptop was successfully connected to the phone hotspot but there was No any internet so I had to restart my phone to have internet access again.

After several restarts I realized that’s not OK, so I’ve searched for solution. There were different people posts complaining about the same issue with no suitable solution.

I had luck and found out on my own how to fix it:

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Display 5 Team Members per Row

Display 5 Team Members per Row

By default our Meet the Team widget (available in all our premium themes) displays 4 team members per row on large screens.

In case you want to display 5 team members per row it will require inserting a small piece of CSS code.

Here are all of the necessary steps:

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