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All Premium Themes: Release ver. 2.0.1

We’ve just release ver. 2.0.1. It affects All of the premium themes from us. In the new version, we’ve updated the FontAwesome integration to the latest version 4.5.0.

Note: If you have purchased a premium theme from us in the last year, you can download version 2.0.1. using the download link from the email, already received by us with a download link of the theme.

When You Should Shut Down Your Website?

When You Should Shut Down Your Website?

Today, after 7 years being online I decided to shut down my first website: website.

You probably don’t give a sh*t about this website. Me too. But the point in my post is when you should stop wasting your time on some website/online project. Here are my thoughts about the issue: Read More…