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How to Set Multiple Prices per Single Product in WooCommerce using OOTB functionality

How to Set Multiple Prices per Single Product in WooCommerce using OOTB functionality

In some cases, you may want to set different price options per single product. Here is a guide how it can be implemented using the WooCommerce Out-of-the-Box functionality (without any external plugin).

Assume the following example, you sell logos and other digital products in your online store and you want to set different prices depending on the product License type:

  • Regular – a client can purchase the product and use it in his/her website.
  • Exclusive – After purchasing a logo (or other digital product) by a client, the logo will be permanently Deleted from the online store.

Here are all of the necessary steps:

As a first step, you need to have a WordPress website with installed, activated and configured WooCommerce plugin, and at least one product created for which you want to set different price options.

I. Define New Woo Product Attribute

As a first step, we need to define a product attribute based on which we will set different product prices. For our example, we will set ‘Licence’ product attribute.

Navigate to Admin Panel -> Left Menu -> Products -> Attributes

product attributes

Then enter values for ‘Add new attribute’

add new attribute

and Save changes.

II. Define Product Attribute Values and Prices

Then navigate to Admin Panel -> Left Menu -> Products -> and open a product you want to set multiple prices for Edit.

open woo product for edit

Scroll down, and change ‘Product data’ to ‘Variable product’:

Product data: Variable product

You can also check ‘Sold Individually’ if you wan to sell digital products or products with perpetual inventory (suitable for virtual products).

Then click on ‘Attributes’ tab:

products attributes tab

Then select ‘License’ from the dropdown (the Product attribute we have defined) and click on ‘Add’ button

select License type

Then add ‘Value(s)’ i.e. ‘Exclusive’ and ‘Regular’ by clicking on ‘Add New’ button.

Check the ‘Visible on the product page’ and ‘Used for vairantions’ checkboxes and save changes by clicking on ‘Save attributes’.

add product attributes

Then click on ‘Variations’ tab:

Product Variations tab

Then select ‘Create variations from all attributes’ and click on ‘Go’ button:

create variations from all attributes

Confirm create variations by clicking ‘OK’ from the newly opened dialog:

confirm create variation

Then select ‘Default Form Values’ i.e. ‘Regular’

default form values

Then expand Each of the Variations:

woo expand each variation

Then for each of the Variations fill necessary data:

  • Check ‘Enabled’ checkbox
  • Check ‘Downloadable’ checkbox
  • Check ‘Virtual’ checkbox
  • Enter Price
  • Update Stock status to ‘In stock’
  • Enter Description
  • Upload zip File
  • Fill Download expiry
Woo Fill Variation data

Once you have entered all of the necessary info, please click on ‘Save changes’ button to save all of the change.

Please Note: Despite the virtual product zip file is same of All of the variations (‘Exclusive’ and ‘Regular’ in the example above), it needs to added for all of the Variations as well as the other info like ‘Download expiry’, ‘Stock status’, etc.

And that’s all. Then you can open your product page, test the different pricing options and enjoy the power of WooCommerce plugin 🙂

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