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How to Create a New Shopify 2.0 Theme based on Dawn

How to Create a New Shopify 2.0 Theme based on Dawn

If you plan to create a new Shopify 2.0 theme the recommended approach is to use Dawn theme as a blueprint and then proceed with your customization. Here is a quick guide how it can be done:

1. Install Shopify CLI

The first step is to install Shopify Command Line Interface (CLI) on your computer. It is based on node.js and you can install it by running the following command on Command Line:

npm install -g @shopify/cli @shopify/theme

2. Init your theme

The next step is to init your theme by running the below command:

shopify theme init

It will prompt you to enter your theme name, then it will clone the Dawn theme from the corresponding Shopify repo and apply the new theme name.

3. Goto your new theme folder, i.e.

cd your-new-theme-name

4. Start dev server

First, you will need a Shopify development store i.e.

Then execute the below command to upload your theme and dev activate it. So, the local changes you apply to be deployed on your dev sandbox:

shopify theme dev --store your-dev-store

5. Once the dev work is ready, you can push your theme to a Shopify store by running the below command:

shopify theme push --store

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