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How to Add Ethereum as a Payment Method to Your WooCommerce Store

How to Add Ethereum as a Payment Method to Your WooCommerce Store

If you want to enable crypto currencies as a payment method, Ethereum (ETH) is another popular choice. When we enabled Bitcoin as a payment method, we received a customer request if we could enable ETH as well. So, if you are is similar situation and you want ETH as a payment method alongside to other payment methods listed in your WooCommerce Checkout, the following guide could help you:

1. (Prerequisite) Ethereum Account

As a first step you need to have an Ethereum Account (EOA) which includes public and private key.

The public key is your Etherium public address which is use to identify where to send fund through transactions.

The private key is used when sign transactions (when you transfer money from your account to another ETH account).

Important: NEVER enter your Ethereum private key to any plugin settings. If there is a setting which require you to enter your private key, it’s probably a scam.

2. Choose an Ethereum WooCommerce Plugin

There are several Free WordPress plugins which allows you to enable ETH as a payment method. I would recommend this one:

My Reasons for recommending it:

  • Regularly updated (last update was 3 days ago when I installed and activate it)
  • There is NO country restrictions unlike other plugins which required registration on 3rd party site
  • Straightforward configuration

3. Plugin Installation and Configuration

The plugin installation and activation is straightforward as any other plugin.

Once the plugin is installed you need to confirm the Activation from email you will receive:

Then you should be redirected to your site settings page with success message:

On the same page, check the ‘Enable payment with Ether or ERC20 tokens’ checkbox:

Enter your Ethereum address (public key) to ‘Your ethereum address’:

Visit and generate key, then enter it to ‘ API Key’:

(Optional Step) You can change the Order status to be set after ETH payment is completed (it’s useful if sell digital stores for customers to receive an email with download link(s) after they complete the payment):

Save Changes

Then Navigate to Left Menu -> WooCommerce -> Settings -> ‘Payment’ Tab and verify ‘Pay with Ether or ERC20 token’ is enabled:

4. Test the Ethereum Payment Integration

After configuration the plugin it’s a good idea to test the new payment method. You can add a product to the basket, navigate to the Checkout, fill billing/shipping info and select EHT payment method:

Then an ETH Payment page should be loaded:

Also, you should receive an email with pending ETH Payment:

When click on ‘Payment Page’ it should load the same ETH payment page.

Please Note: There could be CSS issues between plugin payment page elements and your theme, i.e. if you use button gradient backgrounds, it will be applied to ETH elements, so I had to add some custom CSS code to resolve that issue:

#ether-and-erc20-tokens-woocommerce-payment-gateway-widget button {

#ether-and-erc20-tokens-woocommerce-payment-gateway-widget button:hover {

#ether-and-erc20-tokens-woocommerce-payment-gateway-widget button .MuiCardContent-root,
#ether-and-erc20-tokens-woocommerce-payment-gateway-widget button:hover .MuiCardContent-root {
	padding:16px !important;

Then you can use another ETH account to complete the payment.

In conclusion, I would say that providing Ethereum as a payment options is a good choice for any online store. You can easily exchange then your ETH funs to fiat money, there are many online crypto exchange providers. After enabling ETH as a payment method, most of the customers will remain using the traditional payment methods such as Paypal or Card form, but if some customers prefers to pay with Ethereum, you won’t lose them as a customer because of limited payment methods on your site.

P. S. It’s also a good idea to add ‘Ethereum Accepted Here’ icon in footer alongside to the other available payment methods:

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