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How to Add Bitcoin Payment to Your WooCommerce Store

How to Add Bitcoin Payment to Your WooCommerce Store

I wanted to freshen up the website by adding Bitcoin as Payment option into Checkout. The only problem was I didn’t have any experience with it. So, I had to spend some time for research and I decided to document all of my steps. If you don’t have any experience with Bitcoins, but you want to enable it as a payment gateway into your WordPress/WooCommerce website, you may find the steps below useful:

1. What is Bitcoin?

It is a digital (crypto) currency and there is NO a bank or government behind it. Instead of my attempts to give a good definition, here is a video which describes it better:

2. You need a Bitcoin Wallet

In order to be able to send/receive bitcoins you need to create a Wallet. You can choose between different options: Desktop, Hardware, Mobile, and Web. Different options have pros and cons, so I’d suggest to read more about them and choose the most suitable one for you.


The Bitcoin wallet address is a row of 34 characters and digits (starting with 3 or 1), i.e.


You will need your Bitcoin wallet address for further configurations (simply copy-paste it to a text document for further use).

3. Configure a Bitcoin Payment Gateway Plugin for WooCommerce

3.1. Install and activate the GoUrl WooCommerce (Bitcoin Altcoin Payment Gateway Addon) plugins:

They are free Plugins which add all of the necessary functionality your customers to be able to pay with Bitcoins on your store.

3.2. You need to create an account at (Global Coin Payment):

3.3. After you are signed in, you need to create a Payment box for your online store

Navigate to -> Account -> Quick Links -> Your Payment Boxes

GoUrl Payment Boxes

Then create a new one by clicking on ‘Create New Payment Box for Your Website’

GoUrl create new payment box

Then fill all of the necessary fields, make sure you enter Your Bitcoin Wallet Address and proper callback URL, i.e.

Once the payment box in GoUrl is created, two keys (Public and Private) will be generated. You need to copy them for next step usage.

3.4. Navigate to Your website Admin Panel -> Left Menu -> GoUrl Bitcoin -> Settins:

GoUrl Bitcoin Settings

Then enter the Public and Private keys from there generated in previous step:

Enter GoUrl Public and Private keys

and Save changes.

That’s all. You can test by opening your store, adding a product to basket, navigate to Checkout page and choose Bitcoin as payment option, you should see the Bitcoin payment box:

Bitcoin Payment Option

Pay Now Bitcoin

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