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Does Your Blog Post Worth Reading?

Does Your Blog Post Worth Reading?

I’ve just checked out my blog post since the last year. They were 5. It definitely is not a big progress, but I realized most of them are a totally crap.

For example, I had a post called ‘WordCamp Sofia 2013’.

Honestly, who would give a s*** if I’ve visited WordCamp in 2013 or not!? So, I deleted that post.

Another crappy post was called ‘Update WordPress While You Sleep’ and it was about latest feature (before a year) of WordPress for automatic updates. Now, that post is totally out of date and its value is also zero. So, I deleted it as well.

So, if you are a blogger and you want to have a useful blog, here are a few tips by me:

1. Before posting a blog post ask yourself would you read your blog post again? And if the answer is NO, then you probably created a crap.

2. What’s the actual value of your post, i.e. if it’s funny; it contains useful information that could help someone else, then it probably worth reading

3. Is there a reason you don’t want to post a link to your blog post in your facebook timeline, twitter, or linkedin? For example, if you’re worry what your friends or coworkers will think if they read your post, then you probably will have to change something in your post.

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