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Create Multiple Columns Pages with WordPress Gutenberg Editor

Create Multiple Columns Pages with WordPress Gutenberg Editor

One of the great features of the latest WordPress Editor (called ‘Gutenberg’) is the ability to create multiple columns pages.

Here is a step-by-step guide how it can be done:

1.(optional) Create a Full-Width page

In case there are many columns in your page, you probably want to hide standard Sidebar and set the so called ‘Full-Width’ page template.

If you use a theme by us, it can be done by:

  1. Login to your Admin Panel
  2. Open the page for Edit
  3. In Right Menu click on ‘Document’ section
  4. Set ‘Template’ to ‘No Sidebars Page’:

2. Insert ‘Columns’ Block

The next step is to insert a Columns block:

  1. In left-top area of the editor, click on ‘+’ icon
  2. search for ‘Columns’ and insert the ‘Columns’ block

You can adjust the number of columns from right sidebar by mouse hover the columns block, click on it and you will see number of columns in Right sidebar. It’s a little tricky until find out how to select it:

3. Insert Content into Different Columns

The last step is simply to insert your content (again as blocks) into the different columns.

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