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Change Timer of Automatic Slider Block

Change Timer of Automatic Slider Block

If you use some of our premium WP themes, you might already inserted the Automatic Slider Block to your post or pages which allows you to display a slider of image which changes automatically the current displayed images.

Here is a guide how to change that time interval:

1. Login to your Admin Panel

2. Navigate to Left Menu > Appearance > Theme File Editor

3. Open file, js/utilities

4. Search for the below content:

/* Automatic Slider */
(function ($) {
  /* slideshow - my custom plugin */
  $.fn.slideshow = function () {
    /* set vars */
    var slideshow = this;
    var slides = slideshow.find('.slide');
    var controls = slideshow.find('.control');
    var active_slides = slideshow.find('');
    var active_slide = active_slides.first().length > 0 ? active_slides.first() : slideshow.find('.slide').eq(0);
    var target_index = active_slide.index();
    var target_el = slideshow.find('.slide').eq(target_index);
    var target_control = slideshow.find('.control').eq(target_index);
    var slide_speed = 10000;
    var timer;

    /* hide the slides before showing the active slide */

5. Change var slide_speed value to something else (lower value to reduce that time, or higher value to increase that time.

The default value is 10 seconds

var slide_speed = 10000;

I.e. if you want to change it to 5 seconds, you will have to set value of 5000:

var slide_speed = 5000;

6. Save changes

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