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Web Design Trends for 2020

Beautiful and modern design is the most important component of any WordPress theme. No matter, how many customizer options it has or any other additional functionality, people will choose some theme only if they like its design.

We as a WP theme developers should follow web design trends for our themes if we want people to remain using them.

In this article, we will try to include all of the web design trends predictions for 2020. Most of them will be implemented into some of our themes:

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How to Reduce Inode Count in WordPress: Reduce Number of Thumbnails

What is Inode?

It a record in hosting disk table that contains info about directory or file (owner, size, etc). So, the total number of files and directories equals to the number of Inodes.

Why Should We Reduce Inode Count in our Hosting?

Most hosting plans come with a limit of Inodes count. In other words, you may have to reduce the number of files and directories in your hosting if have too many files and directories/

Here is an easy way to reduce number of files if you use WordPress: Read More…

10 Tips For Setting Up a Spiritual Website

The spiritual websites became very popular in the last couple of years. By a spiritual website I mean any website or a blog about intuition, spirit, motivation, developing abilities, energy healing, reiki, shamanism, chakras, and so on.

The Spirtial WordPress Themes we offer are one of the most popular WordPress themes in the site.

If you plan to start such blog or website, here are 10 useful tips that could help: Read More…