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How to Change Slider Content Background Color

change slider content background

If you use tBiz, tChess, tDesign, tFinance, tRealEstate, tTechnology, or tTravel theme, you probably have noticed the transparent background color behind the slider content. The purpose of it is to make text there easier for reading by website visitors.

In some cases you may want to change it or update the transparency value. It will require a small code change. Here are all of the necessary steps: Read More…

Replace Default Social Icons

Replace Default Social Icons

By default, all our WordPress themes (both Premium and some of the Free versions with social icons) uses the FontAwesome icons to display social icons in header, footer, and widgets.

In some cases you may want to replace these icons with custom images as background (example above). It will require a code change. Here are instruction how it can be done: Read More…

Display Post Thumbnails in Left

wp display post thumbnail in left

By default, the post thumbnails (the image which are set as ‘Feature Image’ for posts) are displayed in full width in most of the Premium and Free themes by us.

In some cases you may want to display them smaller and floated to left. It can be easily implemented with a small code change, here are all of the necessary steps: Read More…