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Display Animations only on Homepage

By default the Animations appearing effects are displayed in all website pages. They can be globally enabled or disabled. But in some cases, you may want to display Animations ONLY on Homepage.

It will require a small code change. Here are all of the necessary steps:

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Possible Solutions When the Slider Doesn’t Work

If you use a theme by us (a free or premium version), you probably use the built-in Homepage Slider (most of our themes comes with such). The slider is designed to be managed easily: Admin Panel -> Left Menu -> Appearance -> Customize -> ‘Slider’ Section where you can set Slide images, titles, contents, links, etc.

It doesn’t require any other customization: whole Slider JavaScript libraries and CSS codes are included within the theme files, so you don’t need to do anything else to run it.

In case, your Slider doesn’t work, here are the things you could check: Read More…

Camera Slider: Additional Customizations

Camera Slider: Additional Customizations

In case you use some of the themes which includes Camera slider jQuery plugin (currently included in tArt, tClub, tCorpo, tGymm, tHomeServices, tKidd, tMeditate,  tPsychology, tSpirituality, tTourism), you may want to apply some additional change such as removing pause button or changing size of slider dots, here is how it can be done: Read More…

How to Change Title Font Size of Recent Posts Slider Widget Items

How to Change Title Font Size of Recent Posts Slider Widget Items

The Recent Posts Slider Widget (screenshot above) is included in all our Premium themes. It allows you to insert a slider with recent posts of your website. You can easily use it, just login to your Admin Panel, navigate to Left Menu -> Appearance -> Widgets -> then add ‘Recent Posts Slider Widget’ into some of the Widget areas such as Homepage Above Columns, Homepage Column #1, Homepage Below Columns, Sidebar Widget Area, etc: Read More…