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Business Tips Inspired by Westworld

Business Tips Inspired by Westworld

Westworld is one of the recent TV series that I really like. If you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend it to you. In short, the scenario is about a futuristic theme park populated by artificial beings where people pay to visit it and live for a few days in the Wild West, just like visiting the past with a time travel machine.

The main concept of the movie is about the Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), creating of consciousness, moral aspect of A.I, etc. But in this blog post we will look at the movie from a different perspective – the business perspective and the ideas we can learn from it.

Create a Unique Product
A theme park which allows you to live in the Wild West, that’s what the park offers. The business idea is simply unique and it can be described in just once sentence. That’s my first criteria to evaluate a business idea – it should be explained shortly, just like – a website about WordPress Themes 🙂

I would also visit the Park if it existed in our world and if I had enough money to afford it. My reason to visit it would be Maeve Millay (played by Thandie Newton).

It Takes Time to Create Something Awesome

There were scenes with Dr. Robert Ford where he is much younger and he was working on the same project. It simply takes time to create a great product.

So, in my opinion, the most important thing is to find something which you really like and enjoy working on it, then it would worth to spend many years on it, just like Dr. Robert Ford did with the park.

Give Customers a Reason to Come Back

Most of the people visits the park again and again, because they find something new every time they are in the park. The people are different, but the Park gives everyone a unique reason to come back again.

We can apply the same concept about blogs or websites, simply add new cool posts and articles, it will give a reason to people to visit your site again and again.

Follow Your Target Whatever It Takes
The Man in Black played by Ed Harris (one of my favorite characters in the movie) follows his target (the Maze) whatever it takes. He doesn’t care what other people thinks about him and so on.

That may not be a nice example, but my point here is simply to have a target and follow it whatever it takes.

Always Improve Your Product
We often see Dr. Robert Ford working on the projects, actually it happens in most of the scenes with him.

I don’t think there is type of product nowadays where you can apply the ‘set and forget’ rule. So, no matter what you offer always keep in mind ‘what’s your next step’ to improve your product. Only it would guarantee that you will be competitive enough over your competitors.

Enjoy Your Work

Both Dr. Robert Ford and the Man in Black can been seen that they enjoy their work or the things they do. My point here is that we all spend most of the time working, so the key is to work something that you really like.

Improve Your Skills

Maeve Millay’s skills were improved easy, just with a few clicks. But in our case for humans that’s not so easy, it simply takes time to learn new things.

A good example for a lack of knowledge and skills is Bernard Lowe. His sad story shows what happens when you underestimate the situation.

Dolores Abernathy (played by Evan Rachel Wood) is a good example of a character who improves her skills and knowledge.

Only when you have enough skills and knowledge, you can improve your business, your life, etc. Just like Maeve Millay says:

Time to write my own f***ing story.

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