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Please, REMOVE Newsletter Signup Popup Dialog from Your Website

Newsletter Dialog

Unfortunately, the below scenario occurs with almost every online store:

  1. You open an online store to buy clothes, shoes, digital stores, etc.
  2. 1-2 seconds after page is being loaded, everything’s freeze, you cannot click or do anything else on site until a Newsletter popup dialog appears.
  3. After the initial ‘WTF’, your thoughts are ‘another useless dialog to collect my email’ and you simply click the ‘Close’ button.

I think such dialogs are so distracting that they can even affect negatively website sells.

So, my suggestion is: Read More…

The Secret of Creating a Successful Website

Creating a Successful Website

We have started working on project at September 2013, it was more than 4 years ago.

Meanwhile we see different clients who use our WordPress themes for their personal or company projects.

Unfortunately, many of the clients websites fail a few months after the initial release which is very sad.

So, we’ve decided simply to publish posts based on our experience which would help you to succeed with your website.

Now we’ll start with the most important advice which help us to survive through the years so far: Read More…

Open Clients Items in same browser tab

Clients Widget

Most of our themes come with built-in widgets which allows you to add clients. You can display them into your website using the ‘Clients’ widget.

By default, when click on them, these links are opened in a new browser tab. In some cases you may want to they to be opened in same browser tab.

It will require a small code change. Here are all of the necessary steps: Read More…

The Iron Throne is Mine

Game of Thrones

Today I sit on the Iron Throne (only for Game of Thrones fans). It’s probably not related to the WordPress Themes we offer but I though it would be cool if I share the photo me sitting on the Iron Thone … the feeling is Awesome 🙂

How to Reduce Number of Testimonial Items in Carousel Widgets

reduce number of testimonial items

Our premium themes comes with built-in custom post type of Testimonials. It allows to add testimonials easily from the Admin Panel. Then you can display them into your website using the ‘Testimonials’ widget.

By default, the widget displays 4 items at once. In case you have less testimonial items, you may want to display less items at once (i.e. 2). Here are instructions how it can be done: Read More…