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All Premium Themes: Release ver. 2.0.0

All Premium Themes: Release ver. 2.0.0

We’ve just release ver. 2.0.0. It affects All of the premium themes from us. In the new version:

Now you can customize your theme using the WordPress Customizer page (instead of a custom Theme Options page). We rewrote the entire Admin functionality.

Note: It’s recommended to use WordPress Customizer page instead of defining a custom admin page for themes, reference: Moving to the Customizer API from the Settings API, using Options API.

We follow All of the official standards and recommendation for WordPress themes. So, rewriting the admin functionality was a necessary change.

Here are a few screenshots of the new admin options:

1. Initial Admin Panel (in the left menu you can see all of the available admin options)

admin customizer 1

2. Colors section in the Customizer.

Admin Customizer 2

3. Slider section in the Customizer

Admin Customizer 3

Note: If you have purchased a premium theme from us in the last year, you can download version 2.0.0. using the download link from the email, already received by us with a download link of the theme.

Note: If you are using an older version of our themes and you update to ver. 2.0.0. you will have to configure ALL of the admin settings again (the already defined admin settings are NOT applied to the new customizer options).

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