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All Premium Themes: Font Name and Size Customizer Options Added

In the last year we have received request how to change the font name of themes purchased by us. The only possible option was using a plugin, but we wanted to improve our themes more.

So, we have released new versions of all premium themes which include Customizer options for changing Font Name and Size.

In this way, you can easily change the font size of your website (choosing between 700 different Google Font Names), change the font size (in pixels) of body text, h1, h2, h3, h4 titles, menu items, section titles, etc.

tFengShui Customizer Font
Here is how to change the font name and size of your website:

  1. Login to Admin Panel
  2. Navigate to Left Menu -> Appearance -> Customizer
  3. Open ‘Font’ Section
  4. Select a font name from the ‘Font Name’ dropdown
  5. Update the font size values
  6. Click on ‘Save & Publish’ button

Note: If you have purchased a premium theme from us in the last year, you can download the latest theme version using the download link from the email, already received by us with a download link of the theme.

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