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10 Tips For Setting Up a Spiritual Website

10 Tips For Setting Up a Spiritual Website

The spiritual websites became very popular in the last couple of years. By a spiritual website I mean any website or a blog about intuition, spirit, motivation, developing abilities, energy healing, reiki, shamanism, chakras, and so on.

The Spirtial WordPress Themes we offer are one of the most popular WordPress themes in the site.

If you plan to start such blog or website, here are 10 useful tips that could help:


1. Domain Name

The domain name is a name used to identify a website, i.e. is the domain name of our website. It costs money to register one. There are many websites which offer domain purchasing i.e.

Once you have purchased a domain name you will need a hosting, where to store the files for your website. In most of the cases, you can purchase hosting from the same website where you already have purchased your domain name.


2. WordPress

Once you have a domain name and hosting associated to it, you need a platform which will allow you to build your website pages. The most popular choice is WordPress, it’s easy to be installed and then managing your content.

Its functionality would cover all your needs for running and managing a spiritual website. There are also many plugins which will help if you need some more specific functionality.


3. Clear and Minimalistic Theme

The key element in a website about spirituality is the content – the articles or posts you write. People will visit your site to read your content. So, it’s important they to feel comfortable while reading.

The best way to make such website is by choosing a clear and minimalistic design which will allow easy focusing to the content.

In most of the cases, you don’t need any knowledge about the design and you can choose a WordPress Theme which comes with predefined design and you simply will have to make changes from the Admin Panel Options such as changing a font name, change text or link colors, set a background image, upload a logo image, etc.


4. Social Sites Integration

People who visit and like your website will want to follow it to get notified when a new content is publsihed. That’s why it’s highly recommended to include social sites integration elements in your site i.e. facebook like box, social icons in website header and footer, etc.

Most of the premium WordPress themes come with such predefined options and widgets. Or you can use some additional plugin for it if your theme doesn’t include such options.


5. Get and Share Inspiration

The inspiration is important for the success of almost every type of websites, but it’s absolutely essential for a site about spirituality. Only when you are inspired, you can write an awesome post.

If you are not inspired to write new posts, the content you create won’t be interesting and useful to anyone.

In case you cannot get inspired, you could look for a new book about spirituality. Then you can share some thoughts or quotes in your social pages as well.


6. About Section and About Page

People who like your site will be curious about the person behind it. That’s why it’s a good idea to include an about us page and an about section (usually, included at the end of single post pages).

The about us page could include a short biography about you (the author of the website), additional contact links such as Facebook profile page URL, email address, Twitter account URL, Instagram URL, Pinterest page URL, YouTube channel, etc.


7. Share Your Thoughts

The key concept of any site or blog about spirituality is sharing of thoughts about life. So, simply look deep into yourself and try to find what makes you feel happy, look at the bright side of life, then share your thoughts in your spiritual blog.


8. Think Positive

Think positive is the proper attitude when working on your website about spirituality. Only when you think in this way, you will be able to convey this feeling to your readers.

If you find it difficult, you could meditate for at least 15 min before start writing a new blog post for your website. There are many books about meditation in case you find it difficult. You can also try some concentration exercises which would help making your mind quiet.


9. Tolerate and Considerate Your Readers

No matter how interesting and useful is the content you create about spirituality, someone out there won’t like it and won’t agree with thoughts.

So, you should be prepared to receive negative comments or replies in your website. It’s absolutely expected and you shouldn’t reply him/her with a negative comment.


10. Be Happy with Your Website

After all, the purpose if your site about spirituality is to make you happy. Your site is simply a part of your life of happiness. So, enjoy working on it.

2 Responses to “10 Tips For Setting Up a Spiritual Website”

  1. Thank you for the suggestions. It is true I only can write worthwhile content is when I am inspired. My website is about removing negative energy and increasing your vibrations. Every book I have read is listed also the author’s name.
    It took some figuring out how to download the template. Safari was being quite stubborn. I enabled another Browser, FireFox, and the template (which I love) downloaded and installed in WordPress within minutes.
    My question that I am having people refusing to answer how do I put Amazon affiliate links, banners to the template?
    Much Appreciation,

    • Hi RPalinkas,

      Thanks for choosing a theme by us 🙂

      About your question, I’d suggest:

      1. Get the affiliate code for your banners (it should be included in your Amazon Account)

      2. Login to your Admin Panel and navigate to Left Menu -> Appearance -> Widgets.

      3. Insert Text widget into ‘Sidebar Widget area’

      4. Insert the code for affiliate banners (from step 1.) into widget text and Save changes.

      Tishonator Team

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