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React.JS Form Submit Example

Here is an example of React.JS form submit. It has two Components App which renders another Component SearchBar with input. When customer fills the input field and submits it by clicking enter, the values is passed to parent component App which outputs the result to the console:

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Aligned Images Spacing Issue under Mobile Screen

Aligned Images Spacing Issue under Mobile Screen

If you insert an aligned image (left or right) in your post or page content, it probably will look good under Large Screen resolutions (Desktop or Tablet screens). But under Mobile screens there could be an issue with reduced space for text around the image (screenshot above).

If you face such issue, you could check our suggestions how it can be resolved:

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Add External Font to a Theme

Our premium themes comes with built-in Google Fonts, you can navigate to Admin Panel -> Left Menu -> Appearance -> Customize -> ‘Font’ Section and select a Google Font for your theme text, menu, headings.

In case you need to add external (not listed in options) font, it will require a small config change:

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Old Themes: Handling potential jQuery issues in WordPress 5.6

In you use an old premium theme (older than 1 year) and upgrade your WordPress to version 5.6 (or newer version), there could be some issues with JavaScript on your site (i.e. not working Slider).

The reason for that is the jQuery version upgrade in latest WordPress versions and stop jQuery Migrate helper script by default.

If you have such issue, here is how to resolve:

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Android 11: How to Fix Hotspot Connected But No Internet

I use Google Pixel 4 Phone and I use its Hotspot to access internet from my laptop.

Today I upgraded my phone to Android 11 and an odd issue occurred: my laptop was successfully connected to the phone hotspot but there was No any internet so I had to restart my phone to have internet access again.

After several restarts I realized that’s not OK, so I’ve searched for solution. There were different people posts complaining about the same issue with no suitable solution.

I had luck and found out on my own how to fix it:

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