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Tihomir Ivanov


my name is Tihomir Ivanov, I live in Sofia, Bulgaria and I’m the founder of tishonator.com website 🙂

a Few Words About Me

I’m a WordPress web developer, founder of tishonator.com, a fan of Linux (I use Ubuntu and I think it’s Awesome) and Open Source, a gym enthusiast, a vegan, a fan of minimalism (I try to own as little stuff as possible), I love watching good movies and reading books 🙂

About us

We are a small team focused on creating cool WordPress themes. We follow all of the recommended WordPress themes coding guidelines while creating the themes 🙂 We have many free themes approved and published at WordPress.org website, here’s a LINK to our profile there.

About the Themes

On the site you can find both Free and Premium WordPress themes.

Most of the free themes are published on WordPress.org website as well, they are absolutely Free. However, they have limited number of features.

The premium themes comes with many more features (i.e. 100+ Admin/Customizer Options, Custom Post types, page templates, WooCommerce and bbPress integrations, different widgets and widget areas, and much more).

If you decide to use a Premium theme (a big ‘Thank You’ if you decide to do so), the price for a premium theme is really inexpensive – just $24.99 per a theme.

For the small price of $24.99, you get 100% of the Premium theme features and functionality, NO hidden taxes or fees, we will NOT try sell you something else, etc.

Your feedback is very important for us, if you like (or hate) us, please let us know using the Contact Form, send us a message on Facebook or Twitter 🙂

Thank You,
Tihomir Ivanov
Tishonator Team